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Destination wedding

One of the biggest treats about this holiday was that we were able to share lots of it with my parents. For this I have the lovely bride to thank, she even invited my Mum and Dad to her wedding so that we could all have the excuse to make a holiday of it. Thank you Mrs Horne! (How gorgeous do they look?)
I did stress a lot before the big day about the logistics and how Amy would feel being left with friends of ours that she didn’t know and how I would feel about that, but you know what, in the end it worked brilliantly and it was such fun to get dressed up in our finery, hop into a black cab with Mum and Dad and arrive at the wedding venue in Whitehall.
Mum and I were frocked up to the nines, Dad and Ron looked pretty good in their suits.

The obligatory silly-face-photo, seems our archives are full of hundreds of these, strangely Ron doesn’t laugh as much nowadays as he used to. Hmm. But note Big Ben in the background!

The wedding was a wonderful occasion in the most spectacular venue, right on the banks of the river Thames with a magnificent view of the London Eye from the room where we had drinks after the ceremony. It was all rather grand and yet everyone was very relaxed and there was a lovely feeling of happiness and excitement for Carol and Stew on their big day. I had promised myself I wouldn’t get weepy but then I caught Carol’s eye as she walked slowly down the aisle and was suddenly overcome with emotion. It was a lovely ceremony, very simple but heartfelt with beautiful vows that the bride and groom had written themselves and memorised. Carol’s sister did a memorable reading that made everyone smile entitled (I think!) “I like you”. The wedding had just the right amounts of formal, fun, elegance and luxury with a fabulous meal, an ultra cool jazz band to dance to and all set in a very special building.
It was wonderful to see so many friends at the wedding and Carol, Erica and I shared a surreal moment where we just looked at each other and our rings and the very pretty white dress that Carol was wearing and we were like “wow, we are all married ladies!” These two beautiful women have been close friends for so long now that I have almost lost count. I feel very blessed to have had them as my bridesmaids and been both the photographer at Erica’s wedding and a well travelled guest at Carol’s! It means the world that we were able to be there!

How happy does this bride look? And do I even need to say how good the cake was? It was the most delicious wedding cake I think I have ever eaten, and I have tasted a few. You see the decorations? Roses and cabbages made completely out of white chocolate….. heaven.

Sadly I did start to feel pretty spacey towards the end of the party. I drank a few glasses of champagne early in the evening and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine with dinner but it seemed the more I drank the less drunk I got and the more jetlagged I felt so I didn’t drink nearly as much as I thought I might. I danced with my Dad which is always a treat and we took lots of fun photos and then suddenly it was nearly 12.30am and Greg was calling to say he was outside waiting to collect us. Yes, how generous can friends be, not only do they babysit our child but Greg drove into London to fetch us to spare us the inconvenience of struggling home on public transport.

All in all it was a very special occasion and Ron and I had no regrets whatsoever about travelling halfway round the world and back again just so we could be there! We even got special mention in the speeches for being the guests who had come the furtherest!

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