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Jetlag and other travel issues

The last four days have been very hard. Suprisingly Amy has had the easiest adjustment to the timezone and being back in Sydney. She is much happier since getting back from the UK and I suppose I can understand why. The last few days of the holiday were very hard on her, she would wake up in a great mood calling out “Mummy, Daddy, milky” and then slowly realise where she was and then the crying would start. We resorted to letting her have her dummy whever she wanted it and she ended up carrying one or two round whilst sucking on another. Anything to stop the incessant whining.

On the Sunday morning we were up early and Ron and I threw on some clothes and dressed Amy and then strapped her into the purloined pram (story to follow!) and raced down the road to star bucks in an effort to cheer Amy up. This kid is seriously addicted to “cuphee” and after two large cups of milk froth and a croissant she was more herself. It made me feel guilty on so many levels to see Amy so unsettled and unhappy. I remember carelessly commenting before having children that I wouldn’t let kids stop me from travelling and seeing the world and you know what, it hasn’t, but suddenly I realise its not about me seeing the world or even exposing my child to international travel and adventures. Its about not being able to explain to an 18 month old that her Grandma and Grandad still exist and she will be going home to her house and her own cot and her toys and her dolly in her pram and her rocking horse. Towards the end of the holiday I was starting to see what a toll it was having on Amy. Its even more apparent now seeing how quickly she has cheered up since coming home.

Before I get onto the recap posts and lots and lots of photos, I just wanted to comment on the jetlag diet. Seriously, if anyone out there is struggling to lose those last few pounds I can heartily endorse the jetlag diet! We arrived back on Wednesday morning and spent the day trying desperately hard to stay awake. We put Amy down for a sleep at 12.30pm and then fought to wake her up and keep her awake for the rest of the afternoon. Ron and I had an early lunch and then eventually decided to just put Amy to bed around 6pm because she literally could not keep her eyes open. It was almost comical how we would wake her, prop her upright on the couch and then watch her slowly keel over and start snoring! So we both went to bed at about 7pm with no supper. I was awake at 11.30 with Amy for an hour or so but managed to get her back to sleep by about 1am and then she woke a few times in the rest of the night but we settled her with a dummy. The nights since then have been pretty good, she goes down easily at 7pm and wakes a few times but is easily settled. I have been getting into bed at 7.30 without dinner and waking up feeling even more exhausted but this is largely due to the annoying throat that I picked up on the plane on the way back. I am finally feeling better today and might actually manage to stay awake past 8pm tonight.

So, the jetlag diet means you just aren’t hungry at the appropriate times for meals and then when you are hungry (like at 3am) you are just too tired to be bothered making anything to eat. I think I have lost all the weight I gained on holiday (Ben&Jerry’s Phishfood – I blame YOU!) already and I still don’t feel really hungry. Lets see how long this lasts for!

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