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A brief history of our UK trip so far

A brief history of our UK trip so far:

  • Weddings attended – 1 – congratulations to the lovely Carol and Stewart!
  • Visits to Harrods – 3 – we were staying right behind it so even bought our loo roll there!
  • Number of rush hour tube journeys – 2 – two too many, Ron and I both have no regrets about leaving London tube hell behind.
  • Friends we caught up with – many – its just as sad saying goodbye this time around.
  • Nasty cold/vomiting/flu viruses caught – 1 each – thankfully this hasn’t ruined our trip but just made me more grateful that I planned lots of quiet days so we had time to recover.

We had a lovely weekend away in a gorgeous cottage in Dorset with 8 of our very special friends and their babies, toddlers and bumps. I was feeling pretty rough on the Friday but then Amy started to get sick on the saturday and by the evening she was vomiting and generally just not herself. My illness went out the window as I fretted over her. We were lucky to be surrounded by great friends who assured us she was ok and we still managed to have a lovely weekend full of lots of card games of Shithead, plentiful meals and late night chats. Ron and I have both been feeling pretty rotten since the weekend, luckily we still have Mum staying with us so she has had Amy at night and fed us lots of hearty soups. Thanks Mum! We are resting up in preparation for a busy weekend ahead and then our epic journey back to Australia, starting on Monday afternoon.

Its been a special trip and despite illness and freezing weather we have really enjoyed ourselves. We have however missed Sydney and our house and both Ron and I are looking forward to getting home and getting back into some kind of routine. Amy has been such an angel and has weathered upheaval, slept in various different cots in various rooms and even been left for the day and a night with friends when Ron and I went to the wedding. Travelling with her has been a pleasure but in all honesty we won’t be too sad to leave despite saying goodbye all over again to so many special friends.

More to follow and lots of photos but probably not before next week.

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