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Four year wedding anniversary – an engagement story

Ron and I are celebrating our four year wedding anniversary this Thursday. We will be spending our anniversary night flying to London for a dear friend’s wedding, what better way to celebrate our marriage than by attending the wedding of friends? In light of this monumentous occasion I thought I would share our engagement night in photos!

Ron and I had been together for just under a year when we came over to Sydney for a holiday together. Ron had been planning on moving back to Australia at this point but then he met me, and well, what can I say, plans change! We had only been together for a few months when Ron suggested I join him on his trip back to Sydney and as soon as I realised it could actually be done, we set about planning a fantastic holiday. I think we were away for a little over a month, I managed to clear this with my new job despite only being there a few months and we did a brilliant road trip up the coast and spent a week in Port Douglas.

A special highlight had to be New Years Eve. Unbeknownst to me Ron had set in place a series of events culminating in a suprise night on the harbour in the friend of a friend’s speed boat. He coerced his mate James into stopping at a jewelers on the way back from a golf game and sought his advice on which ring to buy me. Ron still laughs when he remembers the look on James’s face when he realised what Ron was planning to do. Then James sprung into action and organised not only the friend with the speedboat, but a gorgeous red bmw convertible to pick us up and take us across Sydney to where we would meet the boat, and he also sorted us out with a place to stay on the water in Balmain afterwards.
I will never forget how exciting it was to walk down onto the beach, watched by the hundreds of tourists with envy in their eyes as we jumped on board the beautiful speedboat and set off across the harbour. I was so overexcited I thought I would burst! The harbour was hectically bumpy and the water was choppy and rough, it was a tough crossing but finally we found a spot in the flotilla of boats and dropped anchor in preparation of the night ahead.

There was some bad news later however when the 9pm fireworks were cancelled due to the bad weather conditions and at one point no one around us knew whether there were going to be any fireworks at all. It was a complete unknown situation as it had never happened before. We just got into the beers and carried on with the party.

We cooked snags and onions on a little gas stove, there were eskies full of ice cold beers and there was even a little portapotty in the tiny cabin so the ladies didn’t have to worry about trying to wee off the side of the boat! There was a funny moment when the boys were peeing off the back of the boat and I made as though to push Ron off, he totally panicked and over reacted and of course it was only much later that I realised he had my engagement ring in his pocket and had visions of it ending up at the bottom of the harbour!

At 12pm the weather had stabilised and the winds had dropped and we were treated to an incredible display of fireworks, instead of the usual 12 minutes or so we had the 9pm and 12pm shows together and the whole thing lasted for well over 20 minutes!

Then when it was all over we took a leisurely drive under the bridge and we were dropped off on the water in Balmain at the Birchgrove Oval which holds a special spot in Ron’s memories as its just down the road from where his Grandmother lived and he used to play cricket there when he was a boy. We dropped all our kit off at the house and Ron whispered to James that he was going to do it, James grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine, two glasses and wished him good luck.

We walked down to the waters edge and then in a roundabout fashion Ron ended up dropping to one knee and asking me if I would be his wife. Much weeping and laughing and kissing ensued and a few minutes later my Mum and Dad called from South Africa to wish us happy new year and I found out that Ron had called my Dad earlier and asked him if he could have my hand in marriage. Dad swears the mobile phone reception was bad and he couldn’t really hear what Ron was saying prompting him to mention to my Mum later that he “thinks Ron asked if he could marry Sarah”!

By this stage of the morning we were both a little drunk, not helped by the vile bottle of (warm) sparkling red that James had dredged up in the cupboards somewhere in the house he was sitting for a work colleague.

Ron reenacts the proposal for posterity using a champagne cork as a ring with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

The first person to congratulate us on our engagement was a very drunk man who staggered past before Ron popped the question and then again after and presented us with a box of matches as a gift.

It was a very special night and I won’t ever forget the feeling of waking up the next morning, realising I was engaged to be married, then having to run very quickly to the bathroom to be sick! I have not been able to bring myself to drink a sparkling red ever since!
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