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New Years Eve recap

Another recap post.

A quick mention of our New Years Eve again. We were lucky enough to have an awesome spot to watch the 9pm family fireworks from. One of Ron’s mums friends works at the Woolwich Docks and so we drove down to the private carpark, set up our camping chairs and tables and enjoyed a leisurely sundowner whilst the public areas all around us filled up with families and kids and excited specators.

I set up my tripod on the end of one of the piers jutting out into the water and had a clear view of the harbour, city and one of the barges downriver where they were letting fireworks off from. I took a few shots as the sun went down of the lights in the city and then waited with the rest of our crowd and Ron and Amy for the fireworks to begin!

We had no idea what Amy would do when the fireworks started. In her short life she has seen nothing like the specatular display of pyrotechnics over Sydney harbour and Ron and I were feeling quite sentimental about the whole thing. New Years Eve on Sydney harbour is afterall the anniversary of the night Ron proposed to me. (post with pics to remind us all of that night coming next!)

Amy loved the display and after every burst of light she would say “more, more” and kept her face turned to the sky the whole way through. I love being so close to the fireworks because not only do you see them, you feel them through your whole body and can practically smell the cordite! I watched the first minute or two with the family and then sprinted down the pier to my tripod and photographed the last few minutes.
I was really happy with the results and got some great pics of the Sydney skyline lit up with fireworks.
After the 9pm show was over we drove back to Five Dock where Margaret and John dropped us at Margaret and David’s for a late supper and the 12pm fireworks from their living room window whilst Grandma and Grandad took Amy home and put her to bed. It was a lovely evening and a great way to welcome in 2008.
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