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I am not known for getting my haircut regularily! But when I do, I don’t do it in half measures!

This is how I have been wearing my hair lately, not even in a ponytail, but twisted up into a bun and secured with a strong elastic. Sydney in January is hot and humid and hair on my neck and shoulders has been making me grumpy and unhappy. My normally dead straight hair has been static, frizzy and even a little curly in the hot, wet air and I have been so desperate for a cut I was even tempted to take the kitchen scissors to my own head, thank god I didn’t!

This is how long my hair had got since my last haircut (see link above!) Todays cut makes it twice in four years that I have had my hair done. Shocking, I know! I have vowed to maintain my cut now, but mostly for comfort reasons, I really can do without that hot and heavy weight of hair on my neck!

This is me at home after my cut. Its a bit bouffy after the stylist blowdried it and I was a little worried that the ends were a bit wedgey, but after I washed it it looks much more like I imagined. Long enough to tuck the ends behind my ears, but short enough at the back that it flicks up a little.

I feel much happier and very light headed, hah! Amy was not remotely bothered when I went back to my friend Margaret’s to collect her, she looked at me, I said “what do you think of mummy’s hair?” and she touched her own hair and carried on playing.

I am going to let it air dry now and I will use some product later and take some more pics of the finished result. We are out for dinner on Friday night so I will have a go at blowdrying it then and hopefully I will get some positive feedback!
Pics of Amy eating dinner out on the deck to follow later when I have had a chance to do some work on them. Ron has been using this pc in the evenings to sort through all the rugby data that he has taken on.
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