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Handmade Christmas gifts

In addition to making apricot jam and spicy apple chutney as gifts this year, I also decided to handmake gifts for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They are both the kind of people who would appreciate something made with love rather than purchased with credit!

I started off by quilting together a 1m by 1m piece of patterned material with batting inbetween a plain red piece the same size. This was tricky because I had to not only sew in straight lines but keep the tension right so my material matched. I was really proud of myself for the end result which looked very professional.

Then I crafted various items out of the large piece of quilting, measuring and cutting as I went. I sewed a glasses case with a velcro flap, all with edges of bias binding and neat hand sown finish. This is actually my favourite part, the hand sewing, something about the tiny stitches necessary to make the end result really neat.

I also made a small zip bag designed for holding make up in your handbag.

And a larger zip bag which started out being a pencil case size but ended up being square and although it looks odd its actually quite a useful size.

Then I learnt how to crochet flowers to pin on the hats I make. I make pom-poms for the baby hats which look cute but I wanted something a little more sophisticated (if thats the right word for crochet!) for the grown up hats. This was my first flower and I sewed it onto a safety pin for Gaye’s crochet hat.

It doesn’t “go” at all, but its removable and would be nice pinned to a lapel or a bag. Now that Christmas is over I am not working as frantically to get things finished but I am still working a couple of hat sets and a matching pair for Amy and I to wear in London in two weeks. They are bright red and quite fun!
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