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Plans afoot

I know I should be blogging about all sorts of interesting things like Amy turning 18 months old and our plans for our trip to the UK in less than three weeks. But I am tired. At least its because I have been busy sorting out the house, putting away Christmas decorations, folding laundry, going to yoga, making fresh orange and mango juice, cooking delicious and healthy meals and other assorted chores.

Instead of a brilliant post about Amy’s developments in speech and how my daughter never fails to make me laugh, I will show you a photo of Amy learning about snails…….
And the leaning tower of nappy boxes behind the door in Amy’s bedroom. I went through these boxes tonight and sorted out her baby clothes to get put away neatly, her winter clothes that she still fits into for our trip to London and the clothes that were given to us that I didn’t like or never fit her that I want to give away. Another job well done.

I promise more interesting posts are coming, its just that the last week has been blissfully boring actually after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year. Amy is back in a wonderful sleeping routine, I am back at the gym and Ron is back at work.
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