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Old family album

Its time for another selection of photos from my old family album. Looking through these I am again struck by the similarities between myself and Amy at the same age. I think its the wispy hair and the mouth and nose because she definitely has Ron’s eyes and eyelashes!
I love old photos, its just amazing how young my grandparents look in these pictures. Its strange to think they are the same age as my Mum and Dad are now and I am the same age as they were.

This is Grandpa Fred and me on the beach at Gordon’s Bay where they lived.

Mum, this pic is for you, look at my funny belly button! And to think I thought Amy’s was a bit strange, this is a monstrosity! You will all be glad to know that I have a perfectly normal innie now which didn’t even pop out when I was hugely pregnant!

I was certainly a little rounder than Amy at the same age, she is still very tall and quite lean.

I love this family portrait. I can just imagine Grandpa Fred jumping around in the background making me laugh. Could my Dad look anymore like the picture of a man in the 1970’s?

Our New Year is starting off slow and easy as we all try to adjust to our normal routine. Amy has had a good few days with less asking for “biccie” and a good lunchtime sleep. She has been a little unsettled at night but it could be the heat as its been very humid. Ron and I are enjoying quiet nights in watching tv and eating veg stirfry. This time three weeks we fly out to London tonight!

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