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The Super Whites
On Friday night we had some UK friends over for dinner. Nick is a Barnes rugby friend and his lovely girlfriend Sarah is an Aussie so they were over spending Christmas in Sydney with her family and we had the chance to catch up. We collected them from the ferry stop in Parramatta and came home and enjoyed a lovely barbecue on the deck with the first of the good weather we have had in weeks. It was wonderful catching up and really good to be able to enjoy our home in Sydney and share it with friends from London. Late that evening Ron had a message on his phone from Brad, Debbie’s brother saying that they were going up to the Haweksbury the next day for a spot of skiing and did we fancy joining them.

Did we indeed?!?!?! I had to work on Saturday morning but Gaye and I ended up closing early because there was no one about so we were up at the river by 1.30 and by 1.35 Ron was in the water having a ski! This is the view of the house from the river, tennis court to the left and the house behind the tree. The steps down at the water lead to the private jetty.
It was one of those memorable days that reminded us why we chose to leave the UK and move to Australia. We are very lucky to know people who spend their weekends on boats and are kind enough to invite us along. After Ron had his turn Brad asked if I was going to have a go, up until that point I hadn’t really thought about how nervous I felt having not skiied since I was in high school so at least 15 years ago. But I had been bragging to Ron for years about how good I used to be so there was no backing out now! I even managed to squeeze myself into some wetsuit pants in case of emergency (or water up the pooper!) and then Brad checked my bindings, gave me a few reminders and Ron hopped into the boat to photograph the adventure. I am proud to say I popped up first time and it was brilliant! Just like riding a bike!
What an amazing feeling. I had forgotten how exhilirating and exciting it is to be rushing behind a boat at speed, connected to the water but free and alive. I felt very comfortable and had a go skiing out of the wake. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite get the hang of this as is evidenced in this photo!

Not a problem, Brad and Ron were both impressed anyway and I was able to pop up again quickly once I had got my skies back on and then before I knew it we were turning round to stop at the jetty and I had to time my letting go perfectly to sink gently into the water without ramming into the wooden steps!

Luckily I managed this elegantly as you can see in this photo where I glide gracefully into the jetty and sink majestically under the water!

Amy was very well behaved and sat happily on the bank playing with her christmas magic doodle (etchasketch) whilst Ron and I were out skiing and taking pics in the boat. Brad and Catrina’s daughter Chelsea who is ten was brilliant at looking after Amy and really took care of her however we were still extra careful around the water and made sure Amy wore her lifejacket.
After Ron and I had had our turns, James, another friend took Brad out on his wakeboard and Ron was able to get some awesome photos of Brad catching big air off the wake.

Brad is a phenomenal skiier and is pretty impressive on a wakeboard, it was awesome to watch!

At this point Amy was starting to get tired as it was still really hot out, she soon fell asleep lying on Catrina’s lap whilst the grown ups skiied!

Ron had another turn and I took some photos of him whilst Amy napped. This time round Ron started with one ski and was looking like he does this all the time even though its been more than 10 years since he was last out on the river!

Ron was very daring and swung out wide from the boat a couple of times scaring the bejesus out of me and narrowly missing a buoy at one point which caused a spectacular fall! (Not as spectacular as my last fall when I bounced on my bum three times after attemtping to break the wake again and ended up catapulting out of my skies front ways into the water at high speed! It didn’t hurt but was rather hilarious and I was giggling so much that I didn’t think I was going to be getting up again!)

Amy was still sleeping peacefully whilst her Daddy showed off behind the boat!

Even taking the time to ski one handed so he could throw me a cheeky wave for the camera!

Next James had another go as everyone was feeling fortified after lunch. He was up on one ski straight away as well and skiied impressively.Also feeling confident enough to throw me a V for victory.

The kids had a couple of turns, Chelsea put us all to shame getting up straight away on one ski and looking like she had been born on the water which she practically was. Her younger brother Cooper even managed a ski which he hasn’t done in a while so that was a big event. Then later the kids (James included) had a turn on the donut.

I laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall out of the boat, Brad eventually managed to bounce them all off at the end which had excellent comedy value.

After the sun had gone down enough to shade the tennis courts we had a couple of sets of very competitive tennis before throwing some snags on the barbie and getting eaten alive by mozzies. All in all as Australian a day as you could have!
It was a very special day and although Ron and I are both aching like mad as muscles we haven’t used in a decade struggle to recover, it was such fun I would do it again in an instant! Next time I will definitely break that wake and I am feeling so confident I wouldn’t even say no to attempting to drop a ski either! We drove home at 9.30 and were home in 45 minutes. Amy was an angel and slept the whole way back, not even waking as we transferred her to her cot. What a way to end the year!
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