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The last of the Christmas photos

This is the last few Christmas photos, then we can get on with exciting things like the day the Whites went waterskiing on the Hawkesbury and what we are doing for New Year! This is the traditional family photo outside St Johns after the Christmas morning service. Amy was very good and didn’t cause too much of a fuss, it was sad that there were only 13 of us there though.

This is Amy modelling her Christmas frock and antleer combo.
Opening presents at John and Margaret’s after church.

Ron was thrilled to open up his Ngepe shirt which had travelled around the world and back again a few times, he wore it for the rest of the day! (It hid his horrible poison ivy, but thats another story!)

Amy got into the spirit of opening presents and really started to enjoy ripping off the wrapping paper!

Amy loves her BFG cd from her Tannie Lic, so do I, I can’t wait for a long car journey to listen to it!

Amy was also happy to get something African for Christmas in Australia! I am wearing my new earrings which I love.

And here is Amy opening the suprise hit of the day, her plastic golf set which she still loves to distraction!
Its sunday evening and we are all exhausted what with working and driving out to the river yesterday for waterskiing and having Rosie, Stephen and Adam round for a barbie this arvo. I am going to sit in front of the telly and watch a movie with Ron tonight. He is working tomorrow and then we are off to watch the early fireworks with Ron’s parents before going over to Margaret and David for the late fireworks. Its been a lovely week, lots of fun and parties and friends and family and in just a few weeks we head off to London!
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