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Christmas day – in photos

Christmas Day – the lunch part of it, in pictures.
Here is Amy playing with her golf set. She absolutely adores this toy, its been the suprise present of the day and we have heard “gof, gof, gof” incessantly since then!

This is the Christmas table all laid out and ready to go. Behind the table is the water, one of the many bays along the Parramatta River side of the Sydney Harbour.
I bought the red material to use as table clothes, we borrowed two trestle tables from Margaret and John’s church and Gaye got the plates, cutlery and glasses from the tapas restaurant. We didn’t have any room for any table decorations and we kind of ran out of time which was a bit disapointing but the place soon filled up with lots of happy people!

The pool is huge and usually very inviting. It was a big part of our reason to have Christmas at Gaye’s we were all sad that it was quite cool and a bit windy earlier in the day although the kids did end up swimming later when the wind died down.

This is the whole family. The connection is Joan who is John’s younger sister. She has three daughters who are Ron and Gaye’s first cousins, between them they have seven children who we have decided to just say are Amy’s cousins because its too confusing otherwise. They range in age from 18 down to 4 months. Amy will play with Ryan who is two weeks older than her and new baby Jeremy, in fact its likely she will ringlead the younger cousins in opposition to the older cousins!

Ron’s cousin’s birthday is Christmas Day. In an ongoing tradition her sisters decorated a cake with the worst photo they could find. Apparently this caused much hilarity in the cake shop! They then spent the rest of the day trying to get more photos for next years cake.

A close up of the amusing cake. It was delicious though which is a good thing!

It was agreed that grown ups would just do presents for the children. This meant I had seven presents to buy ranging in age from 18 to 4 months which was tricky as I don’t know the kids that well, but in return Amy received multiple presents and we haven’t had a quiet moment since!

There was the obligatory frenzy of wrapping paper and boxes and over excitement.

Someone had to get buried under mountains of wrapping paper!

The kids washed their feet in the pool after running around on the mudflats collecting crabs all afternoon. There was only one accident when the littlest girl fell over and came back head to toe covered in smelly mud, at that point it was decided it was probably easiest just to jump in the pool!
It was a lovely afternoon. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the party carried on till quite late although we were off to Margaret and David’s at about 7.30 and Amy was off home to bed. All that remains of Christmas is a large ham in our fridge and a million loud toys with no off buttons!
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