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Christmas food

This is the christmas food post. This year christmas was all about the food for me, for a couple of reasons. Firstly I decided to handmake most of our gifts, at least for the grown-ups so I made a batch of Apricot Jam in the tradition that Mum and I started last year. I also make a batch of spicy Apple Chutney to go into our gift bags along with a bottle of our favourite Brokenwood dessert wine. Below are the apricot jams in their little green hats and the chutney with their festive red hats.
This year there were a lot of firsts for us at Christmas. The first one in Australia, our first in our new home, our first for a lot of new traditions that we are going to carry on with like spending Christmas night with our friends Margaret and David and their baby Samuel. It was also the first time that I made a ham like my Mum always does. Here it is pictured in all its glazed glory.

I bought a 4.5kg ham ten days before Christmas and then the Friday night Ron went up to the bowling club and won a 5.5kg ham in the meat raffle! Great. We really will be eating ham for weeks. This is the ham he won, I baked it in ginger beer, covered with tinfoil for two hours and then glazed it with homemade apricot jam and brown sugar until it was melty and divine.
The ham was a great success and I was complemented by everyone on how good it is. Last night we had ham and cheese toasties for supper. This weekend I will make a pea and ham soup with leftovers and that might just be the end of this particular ham!
Ron carved it up on the christmas buffet table with our wedding set of carving knife and fork.

Here is the buffet table in all its glory. Gaye and I were catering for 15 adults and 5 kids. Gaye made four different salads, a summer salad with corn, asparagus and zuchini flowers, a roasted veg salad with pumpkin, potato and chickpeas, a beetroot salad with orange zest and goats cheese and a fatoush salad with cucumber, crispy flatbread and lots of fresh herbs. She also made calamari with a mango, coconut and chili sauce and a spanish ceviche of prawns (prawns “cooked” in a marinade). Margaret and John brought along a leg of lamb and a pork loin done on the webber and then other family members brought a green salad, a roast chicken and lots of chips with dips to start.

I made the ham, a potato salad with gerkins and boiled eggs in a mayo/creme fraiche dressing and my crowning glory, a sushi grade salmon ceviche which was finely sliced salmon cured in a marinade of lime juice, garlic, spring onion, sesame oil, lime zest and fish sauce with chillis.
Below is a picture perfect plate of food with a water view!

Christmas night was spent at Margaret and David’s where we ate what his family would traditionally have on Christmas Eve after come in from the pub. Pork roast with gravy and stuffing on crusty white bread. Delicious. As you can imagine, I have no appetite whatsoever for food right now!

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