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Australian Christmas

Christmas in the White house was a slow burner, but once it got going, it went off with a bang! Its Thursday and we are home for the morning getting ourselves together. Ron has been unpacking and putting together multiple toys that make a lot of noise. Amy is insisting on playing with her Christmas golf set indoors because once again its raining outside.

Later once we have tidied up and done a couple of loads of washing we will drive up to Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches to visit Grandma and Grandad at their camp site. After that we will stop in for tea with Sal and the boys and then probably get fish and chips for supper.
It has been a very busy couple of days, lots of Christmas pics to follow. I was apprehensive about our first Christmas in Oz for lots of reasons but in the end it was a good day. I missed my family desperately and felt quite emotional opening their presents but the rest of the day was full of children and food and festive feelings and then Christmas night was full of booze so it was ok after all.

Amy enjoyed her first Australian Christmas, she played in the garden, ate lots of snacks but no real meals, pulled Grandma’s Christmas tree down on herself twice and mastered the art of unwrapping presents.

At some point this weekend the Christmas lights will come down, the Christmas tree will get folded away and maybe, just maybe we will finish the giant ham in our fridge.

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