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Christmas Eve

Its Christmas Eve, I can’t believe it actually is although its starting to feel like a holiday. Ron went to work today but we picked him up at 1pm and I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Our Christmas tree is up, I have been listening to Christmas music on the ipod and Amy wears her reindeer antlers for a few minutes at a time. All very festive.

We are having some friends round for a Christmas Eve drink tonight, then tomorrow morning early we drive to church in Balmain. We decided to go to the 7.30am service so we can be up at Gaye’s place getting everything laid out for Christmas lunch. Lunch is going to be big, there will be Margaret and John, Gaye and Ron and I with Amy, then Ron’s three cousins and there husbands and children. 12 adults and 8 children. I have made a potato salad with gerkins and boiled egg in a creme fraiche and mayo dressing. The ham is backing in the oven in a bath of ginger beer under a layer of tinfoil. In an hours time I will take it out, peel off the rind, score and then glaze with a homemade apricot jam, orange juice and ginger beer glaze. This will cool overnight and be ready for our cold buffet tomorrow. Then all that is left is to make my asian marinade for my salmon ceviche and we are ready to go. As well as all of the above we are also having a leg of lamb on the bbq, a seafood platter with fresh rock oysters, lots of cold prawns and some baby calamari. Gaye is chefing up a storm and making a variety of canapes and salads and Margaret is making a pavlova for dessert. I think we are going to be enjoying a very large Christmas lunch round the pool in true Aussie style! I hope we get in a few games of backyard cricket and the weather is kind, showers are predicted unfortunately. After lunch we are going to leave Amy with Margaret and John and go up to Margaret and David’s for Christmas night and then we will walk back to Five Dock and sleep over so we don’t have to drive.
I am going to make some cheese straws for drinks tonight so will make extra to take tomorrow. Ron needs to go to the Bottlo later to get beers and I need to tidy the house up, especially the kitchen table which has been covered in my Christmas craft fest. I will post about what I have been making after everyone has received their gifts! Our garden is looking amazing, Ron worked all day yesterday and most of saturday mowing the lawn, front and back, weeding the veg patch and planting a crop of strawberry plants and some basil given to us by my friend Sonya. We also planted a huge amount of agapanthas under the trees where the pond used to be. These were donated to us by Faye and Chris’s daughter Lauren (old family friends) who have moved into a new house in Gordon and want to thin the garden out. We happily (actually Ron, I just stood around and talked!) dug them out, filled up the boot and transplanted them into our garden!
Right now I am looking forward to Amy’s face tomorrow when she gets to rip into a pile of presents but I wish we could spend Christmas with my family too. Mum – guess whats under our Christmas tree? It wouldn’t be right to celebrate without the customary marzipan, pity that you aren’t here for us to negotiate with over who gets the larger piece! Lucikly Mum has come to the rescue and sent a parcel full of presents to go under our tree because seriously, Ron and I aren’t doing presents this year and there is something very sad looking about a Christmas tree without any presents. At least we get to wake up to something to open tomorrow!
Happy Christmas everyone!
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