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Santa photos

Christmas has well and truly arrived in the White Household! Amy met Father Christmas (known as Santa here in Australia!) today and although you can’t really tell from the above photo, she didn’t like him much. Ron was trying to angle her body towards Santa whilst Amy was holding herself rigid and bending away from him! At one point she did look as though she might cry so we nixed the plan to sit her on his knee for a solitary photo and instead opted for the family shot. Why the hell I didn’t use my daughter to shield myself from the nasty angle of this photo I will never know! Despite huge hat, shaggy beard, artfully made up eyebrows and a well stuffed suit I still look bigger than Santa, thank you wide-angle lens. Anyway, we made it, she didn’t cry and we got away with only one photo.

In other news we now have icicle lights outside the house, fairy lights in the window and disco lights round the back sliding door. The tree is half lit up (stupid lights) and there are even presents underneath courtesy of my lovely mother who managed to send a bag of gifts over with a friend (thanks Faye!) so we are officially experiencing Christmas after all. Please don’t tell anyone that Ron and I are not buying each other ANYTHING this year and we haven’t even bought Amy anything either. I know, worst parents ever. Its been an expensive year and its the last time we can get away with it because by this time next year Amy will be asking for Bratz Dollz and a Nintendo WII and wrapping up boxes in bright paper won’t cut the mustard! Ron and I are going shopping in London in just over a months time, thats present enough for me thank you very much!

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4 Responses to Santa photos

  1. Rebecca says:

    I hope Amy doesn’t read this post when she’s a bit older, because she’s never going to forgive you for not buying her any presents!

    Please, please don’t ever buy her a Bratz doll – have you noticed that they don’t have any noses? It totally freaks me out.

  2. andrea says:

    I’d hold off for shopping in London over Christmas gifts any day, how lucky you are! Amy will never know that you didn’t purchase her anything this year, we are honestly wrapping up some things that we gave him last year and were totally age inappropriate.

    Our Santa photo this year was horrible. Charlie screamed his little head off, so what did we do, tried for round two, which did indeed go a little better.

  3. Rebecca says:

    BTW, I also wanted to say have a very, VERY Happy Christmas – may al your wishes come true. Love Rebecca and Jackson xxxxx

  4. Carol says:

    Hello lovely,

    I am lying in the foetal position on the sofa after about 10 consecutive nights out. Why must Londoners take Christmas partying to hell in a hnd cart? Yesterday we had our office Christmas “lunch” which began at 12 noon and ended at 11pm. I drank vodka and shots for 11 hours and am all kinds of pain.

    It’s lovely to hear your Christmassy news and see your Santa pic. I am jealous of your to,ato crop, you clearly had more sun than us in your summer! So excited about seeing you n a MONTH.

    Miss you lots
    Perky xxxxxxx

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