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Amy has had a two day cold but is feeling better now. We are so lucky that she is such a healthy child and even when her nose is running and she keeps sneezing she is still sweet to be around. Me not so much now that I have caught the cold. Ugh, just in time for Christmas.

Sydney is only a few millimetres short of record rainfall for the month of December. In fact since they are predicting rain again for the next few days it looks like a 15 year record is going to be broken by the end of the week. I have been saying over and over that I love the rain and I am more than happy for the weather to be wet and cool but somehow its starting to get to me!

In other news our first tomatoes are ripening and it looks like a bumper crop! They are huge, a few the size of my fist and at last count there were about 30 or more growing. We have covered the plants with a net even though they are now above my head in height (!!) hopefully this will deter the pesky birds from pecking them as they grow red and ripen. As for the snails, I will have to do daily inspections to make sure they are not rampaging over my crop! Now if the sun would just come out for more than half a day I might be able to use some of them in my Christmas menu!
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