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The Super Whites

We have had another very busy week and weekend. Ron and I were out for dinner on Friday night whilst Amy stayed with Grandma and Grandad and we were out again last night celebrating Rosie’s birthday. We met up again with them today for Amy and Adam’s swimming lesson.

Both children are really getting the hang of the class. Amy loves joining in and does all the actions to the songs. She is much happier putting her face under water and there was not a single tear today through the whole half hour lesson.

She almost made it all the way to the end of the mat into the water today but kept slipping at the last minute. Ron says he thinks she is actually too cautious to just run down it and thats why she slips, she kind of sits down at the last minute!

She stopped to look over at me a few times and gave Rosie and I a wave.

Amy and Adam are very sweet together, Amy always says “Adam” now when they are together and they seem to interact really well.

Of course we think its cute when they kiss now, but god help him if he comes near her when she is a teenager!

Amy didn’t even mind getting out and was quite happy to dry off in her butterfly towel.

Its funny noticing the differences in their bodyshapes now that they are turning into proper little girls and boys. Adam is heavier than Amy despite being three months younger and really looks like a proper boy much more solid than Amy who is still very tall.

Ron has really enjoyed taking Amy swimming and we have talked about them doing it again next year at some point.

Hilarious seeing them running around in their towels, Adam looks like an ewok or a very small druid in his hooded towel.

Another busy week coming up, I have so much to do before Christmas that I really need to start a list and actually get organised. More blog posts will follow I promise, I have lots of fun pics to share.
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