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I wanted to write a post so I could include all of Amy’s milestones that I have blogged about in one handy place. I am very much a beginner when it comes to all things html and so I can’t seem to make the sidebar (that thingy to the right) look as neat as I want to. Instead of listing every milestone down the column, I will write about them in one blog post and then have a handy link to that, much more organised!

  • First we had the birth announcement emailthat was originally sent out at 1.30am on the 7th of July 2006 by Ron in a haze of excitement.
  • Aged 3 months – Amy laughs for the first time
  • Sarah has her annual haircut
  • Aged 5 months – Amy grows her first teeth
  • Aged 6 months – Amy sleeps on her tummy for the first time
  • Aged 6 1/2 months – Amy grows more teeth
  • Aged 7 months – Amy learns to crawl
  • Aged 9 months – Amy falls in with the bad crowd
  • A 9 month update
  • Aged 9 1/2 months – Amy’s first pair of shoes
  • 5-Oct-2007 The Blog turns ONE!
  • Aged 10 months – Amy has 8 teeth
  • 2-May-2007 We buy a house
  • Aged 10 months – Amy gives up breastfeeding and stands up on her own
  • Aged 11 months – Amy tries to walk
  • Aged nearly 12 months – Amy masters walking
  • Amy turns ONE years old and I remember the story of her birth
  • 16-Jul-2007 – The world wide premier showing of Before, Birth and Beyond
  • Aged 13 months – Amy goes to the creche at the gym for the first time
  • Aged 13 1/2 months – Amy’s first words are about bathtime
  • A 14 month update in two parts
  • Aged 16 1/2 months – Amy and talking
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