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The Super Whites

This is currently my favourite photo to practice with in Photoshop. Its got a good range of tones from very light to quite dark but not too much colour to get confused with and so far I am having some good results. Its been very reassuring to realise that actually many of my favourite photos of Amy are just as good in their original format as they are when I spend a bit of time on them. I don’t believe that tiny tweaks here and there are even worth the effort really, unless I can make a difference visually I won’t bother. I have so many photos I want to play around with.

This is the original in its absolutely untouched state.

And here it is reworked using a high key diffuse combined with a slightly oversoft focus. Problem is, once I get started, I just can’t seem to stop until I believe the pic is as perfect as I can make it. Once again it all comes back to ensuring I take the best possible photo to being with!
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