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So many of you have asked me what the heck a Babycino is that I have to address the question in a separate blog post!

A Babycino is a small cup of frothy milk, sometimes served with lashings of chocolate on top, other times offered as a flavour, either chocolate or strawberry in which case its served with a squeeze of flavoured syrup.

When I first saw these on the menu at some coffee shops I thought it was a complete joke. However now that Amy is capable of sitting up at the table with me and shows a great interest in what I am drinking, giving her a cup of something is a great distraction. Most coffee shops have small take away cups for espresso shots and they make the babycino in this. As I mentioned previously, the chain of coffee shops that offer a free babycino along with any other coffee order always get my business!

I hate ordering poncey coffees and stick to a flat white (unique to Australia – coffee with milk) or a latte but only if its in a takeaway cup, I can’t handle those froofy glasses that lattes come in. However Amy is very particular and likes to order a cool-dry-fullcream-babycino-with-no-chocolate. Hows that for sophisticated, I just pretend that we are not together when she asks for this, so embarrassing!

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