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The Super Whites
Amy’s first sleepover

Last night I got all dressed up and went to meet Ron for his work christmas party. The theme was “festive and green” being that they are the department of the environment and all that and everyone was very festive but not nearly as green as Ron was! This is Ron and his colleague Susie who both organised and supervised the party which was held just across the road at a convenient Irish pub which served proper pints of guiness which made Ron very happy and real pints of cider which made me delirious and a bit dizzy with excitement!

We had lots of fun, Ron works with some lovely people, pictured above are his nearest colleagues, yes, all women who keep Ron in line in the office.

We all enjoyed the half price cocktail happy hour very much indeed!
There were some silly self portraits…….

And of course there had to be a speech made by Ron because he is especially good at them as you all know!

There were some silly but fun awards and subsequent photos of silliness.

There were lots of green shirts but only one green potty hat which would have been very handy if I needed to be sick on the bus on the way home, luckily I suprised myself and Ron by drinking moderately and sensibly so I didn’t even need the hat after all!

There was some interpretive dance towards the end of the evening.
Some were better at this than others! Believe it or not, Ron didn’t join in!
The only bad point in the whole night was when we got home and discovered this. An empty cot. Luckily we hadn’t forgotten to fetch Amy from the coat check room, we had instead left her for her first overnight stay with Grandma and Grandad. It felt very strange to walk past her open bedroom door and we both felt a little lonely. Until we woke up at 11am this morning for the first time in 18 months!
Amy had a lovely sleepover and Ron and I enjoyed our lie in more than we can say. I still got overexcited when I saw Margaret’s car pull up this afternoon and Amy came home!
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