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Amy – 17 months

Amy is 17 months old today. According to babycenter she is becoming easier to understand now that she combines pointing with a word or two and her growing independence is asserting itself in numerous ways. This is certainly true of Amy who will climb up onto the table that the laptop is on, all the while looking at me to see if I am going to react. I have learnt two valuable lessons recently, firstly that telling her firmly once and then ignoring her (so long as she is not playing with knives or about to fall off something!) is the best way to enforce something. The other thing is whispering, its brilliant, if I lower my voice to talk to her often she will slow down, or quieten to catch what I am saying, this technique is especially useful on the change table when she is frantically trying to escape!

Amy is talking more and more and can now say mama, dada, baba, car, more, door, ice, gogga, up, bye-bye, hi, ta, no, boo, jelly, juice, adam, owen, out, num-num, bum and yesterday she said a clear Mummy for the first time! She loves to greet people and if we are sitting down for a coffee somewhere she will happily shout HI at everyone that walks past. I found this a little embarrassing at first but now will smile when they stop to say hi back. I have to remind myself how massive this speech development is, Amy can actually communicate with me and its so rewarding to ask her what she wants and have her tell me “juth”!

Amy is sleeping well again, from 7pm or a little later if we are having fun playing around, straight through until 7.30 consistently. Ron and I are both very grateful and sometimes I worry about how we would cope if we had another baby! I am grumpy in the mornings if I have got to bed too late and that’s after a full nights sleep! I am not sure how I would survive getting up to the loo a hundred times a night whilst pregnant and then struggling with night breastfeeds but I console myself by remembering we didn’t think we could do it before and now our tiny baby has grown into a big girl who sleeps for 12 hours straight! She is taking long day time naps as well and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are morning or afternoon. We have finally got a portable air-conditioner for her room which we bought from a friend and this means that even when its hot in the afternoon I can cool her room right down and she will sleep for two hours. Depending on what our plans are for the day she will either go down mid-morning or after lunch and this suits us both. I get some time to myself but also get to be out and about as this time of year is turning out to be very busy!

Amy is eating well and I have been making an effort to create interesting meals for her. She has weetbix or porridge for breakfast and usually has a sandwich for lunch with fruit and snacks during the day. Suppers are fish fingers, crumbed chicken fingers or lamb chops with pasta and veg and her favourite vegies are still the green ones. She will eat as much broccoli, courgette or beans as you put on her plate and still ask for more! She drinks milk out of a sippy cup at breakfast and dinner but otherwise drinks lots of water and the occasional watered down cup of juice. Amy loves having a babycino with me when I am having a coffee and as a result I don’t think it’s a pretentious idea anymore at all! Genius I tell you!

Amy loves swimming lessons on Sundays with Ron. She joins in all the games and especially loves swimming with the pool noodle under her arms. She goes underwater and blows bubbles and likes jumping in. She loves her weekend time with Daddy when I am working and she also gets to see lots of Grandma and Grandad whom she loves. Tomorrow night is Ron’s work Christmas party and John is coming to fetch Amy from our house at 4pm and she is spending the night with Grandma and Grandad for the first time. I couldn’t actually believe that this was going to be the first time we had left her overnight because she is such an independent little thing and spends so much time away from us that it didn’t seem possible. I know she will have a lovely time and I can just imagine how excited she will be when she wakes up and sees Grandma and Grandad there instead of Ron and I! I know how excited I will be to nurse my hangover without Amy running around!

Amy loves playing peekaboo and will hide behind anything to jump out saying a rather muted BOO. She also likes to hide by closing her eyes and I am wondering how long it will take her to realise that although she can’t see us, she is not actually hiding! I tell her everytime that I can see her but its still a favourite game! Sometimes I take bags from the car to the house before getting her out of her car seat and when I turn around again she is hiding her face from me, we can play like this for ages. Amy loves to sit at her little table and colour in with crayons. It only took a few goes for her to figure out how to climb up onto and sit down on her little chair and she will sit at the table and read books or use her crayons happily. We have a small power struggle when she wants to wander around with the crayons in her hands but there is only room for one dictator in this household!

Amy is happiest outside playing in the dirt and she definitely takes after her Daddy in that respect. Ron has discovered a passion for our garden and will dig, mow, weed and tidy for hours. Amy helps as much as she can and ends up covered in dirt. I love that we have a garden where she can grow up with her fingers in the mud and learn about how things grow. We are going to get her some kind of toy for outside as a Christmas present, maybe a table with a hollow for water or sand, or even a small climbing frame. Ron is planning on building a sandpit for the bottom of the garden where the pond used to be but it seriously has not stopped raining for nearly two weeks now so once it all dries up he will get started.

Amy continues to be an absolute joy and Ron and I are both incredibly happy with our lives here. We miss my family and our friends in the UK a great deal but have discovered an almost transcendent happiness in our child who becomes more and more fun with each passing milestone. She is full of such exuberance and excitement for life that its hard not to be filled with the same emotions and when she runs to me and grabs onto my knees and hugs on hard I sometimes wonder how I even existed without knowing her. My favourite times are those rare moments of stillness when I ask for a cuddle and she clings to me, small hand grabbing the back of my shirt, little face turned into my neck whilst I rest my cheek on her hair. My precious baby.

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