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Sydney has experienced three major storms this week. On Monday there were severe weather warnings for greater Sydney and it started to rain just as Amy and I left the house to drop off some homemade cottage pies for a friend who had a baby last week. The storm chased us all the way into Five Dock, the dark clouds hanging just ahead and the rain lashing behind. I stopped to take a photo because it really did look ominous but strange too, ahead over the harbour and on the Northern and Eastern beaches the sun was still shining and the skies were clear.

I have been thrilled to discover thunderstorms in Sydney because proper thunder storms were something I missed desperately when moving away from Johannesburg. The rain that blew through as we were leaving the house had nothing on the thunder and lightning storm that struck after we got home later that afternoon. The sky turned black, the power flickered on and off and the cracks of lightning felt as though they were striking right next to us. The thunder shook the house and rattled the windows and as I say in the video, I had to pretend to be brave for Amy’s sake so she didn’t get a fright each time the thunder boomed above us. The storm lasted about 30 minutes but the rain carried on for most of the night. Sydney has had record rainfalls this year and a wet summer is predicted. Everyone is hoping this might break the drought which has threatened the country for so many years and despite the havoc that the wet weather wreaks on traffic and getting out and about, we are all grateful.

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