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The Super Whites

Looking back over my photos from the previous week it appears that Amy and I didn’t do much except go out for coffee together! Actually we were really busy doing important things, I promise!

This is my first attempt at a Babycino, Amy enjoyed it muchly.

Here is Amy enjoying breakfast at the shopping centre on Friday morning while we waited for our car to be fixed. I love going out for meals like this with Amy, she is such an entertaining companion.
This is Amy shovelling large forkfuls of christening cake into her mouth on Saturday. Amy has 7 cousins somehow removed or of the second or third variety through Ron’s cousins (his Aunt’s children, so his first cousins) and last weekend it was Ryan’s christening and party. He is two weeks older than Amy but very different and I think Amy was happier to play with her older cousins. We are going to be meeting up for Christmas Day which should be a riot as Ron’s three girl cousins are all mad as hatters!
Amy and I had another coffee on Monday afternoon while waiting to meet Margaret and Samuel in Five Dock. I like this coffee shop because they make Amy a babycino for free when I order a coffee, clever marketing brings me back again and again! I am really enjoying the odd coffee out and about now that I am making a little money and it appears this is a habit that Amy enjoys too.
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