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Car, shopping and coffee

I have to post today, its the last day of November and this makes 30 blog entries in a row! Yay for me! Amy and I were up early this morning (7.15 is early for Amy, don’t hate me!) to drop our car in to be fixed. A few months ago we got a scary notice in the mail advising us that there was a TOTAL RECALL on our Nissan xtrail due to a problem with the fuel thingymagig and finally the man called us this week to let us know the part was in and we could drop the car in this morning. I love Sydney traffic, we left at 7.20 and arrived at 7.41, quicker than if we had driven out of the rush hour! Amy and I dropped the car and walked over to the nearby shopping centre which was deserted at this time of day. Amy had a solitary play on her favourite climbing frame and then we shared a coffee and some banana bread for breakfast.

I am continually amazed at how much I enjoy hanging out with my child. Most of the time she is excellent company and today was no exception. We sat and watched the world go by, Amy calling out a loud “hi” to everyone who walked past and a few “bubyes” for good measure! Back to the play area which had filled up with kids so Amy was able to chase round after the bigger kids and enjoy herself. Then instead of phoning to find out if the car was ready, I went shopping. Oops. Oh well, I hardly ever buy anything for myself and seeing as though I am working at the moment I can justify the occasional purchase. When Mum was over in July we went shopping together as my Mum still buys most of my clothes even though we have lived in different countries for the last 8 years and I am a grown-up. We found a range of clothes in a department store that fit me perfectly and we ended up buying a pair of jeans, a pair of lovely cords, two soft jerseys and two long sleeved t-shirts. I went into the standalone store today and bought a lovely pair of navy taylored shorts and a special occasion black shirt which I can wear tonight and for Ron’s office Christmas party next week.

We picked up the car, came home and Amy has been asleep for an hour. I am nearly ready and packed for our night at Margaret and John’s and later this afternoon we will pick up Ron and head straight over there. It really feels like a Friday and I am looking forward to drinks out tonight even though I am driving because I am working tomorrow. Wait, I forgot to mention how I had a lesson from the coffee maestro who services the coffee machine at work, was great fun, he showed me how to make latte art (you know the cute flower or heart in the milk?) and also finally got our grind right and the coffee tastes signifigantly better already, I am looking forward to testing out my new skills tomorrow on our brunch crowd!
Right, gotta run, have a great weekend!
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