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Veg patch, apricot jam and a photoshoot

Look what our garden growed? Amazing isn’t it! The squash have gone mad and I neglected them for a week and now I have giant, huge, massive squash that I don’t know what to do with!
In other news I completed the second batch of Sarah’s Xmas Apricot Jam ’07 tonight and now I have burnt jam and a jam burn. Enough already. (It does taste good though!)

A few taster photos from a little photoshoot Amy and I did whilst Ron was mowing the lawn tonight, I will probably post a few more in the next couple of days although we are super hectic busy this weekend which will be fun but exhausting. Our activities include getting the fuel special thingy on our car fixed at the crack of dawn tomorrow, drinks in the city, work (for me), a Greek orthodox christening (Ron and Amy), the afterparty (all of us) and then a Photoshop course on Sunday (ME YAY!). I will recap when I have time.
I am still on target for posting everyday this month, I feel rather proud, are you bored yet?
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