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Sarah’s Christmas Apricot jam

I have just finished making a batch of Sarah’s Xmas Apricot Jam ’07. I hope the damn stuff sets, its so stressful making jam, first you have to let the fruit ripen just enough, then measure it, depip it, chop it into just the right size, boil until pulpy (pulpy?) meanwhile you have to break the pips with a hammer with just the right amount of strength to crack the shell but not break the kernal. Then you add the sugar and stir like mad hoping to god you get the temperature just right enough for it to boil but not burn. And then the testing, always the testing on plates that have been in the freezer, poking your finger into hot jam begging it to wrinkle!

I feel exhausted. But at least I will have a batch of delicious homemade apricot jam right?

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