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This post is called “New shoes are not for climbing” and I bet it won’t make any sense. Once again its late and I am tired! Thats a mantra for my life at the moment, not sure why as Amy is having lovely 2 hour sleeps in the mornings so we are out and about and busy all afternoon. I guess thats why I want to flop onto the couch in the evenings instead of getting to all those projects on my to-do-list. I am beading whilst I watch tv so at least I am doing something, not staring drooling at the screen……………..
However I had to stare at the tv a few times for this one. Durbin anyone? Anyone? How can this be, surely channel 9 must have researchers to check this kind of thing before going to air?

Yes, I know Amy, it confused me too? Durbin? Durban hello?

And now for something completely different. Waking up in the White house. This photo might lead you to believe that Amy actually enjoys cuddling in bed in the mornings. In fact she HATES it with capitals on. I went to yoga this morning so I was up and functioning (barely) before Amy woke for a change. I went in and picked her up and plonked her warm body in bed with Ron for a cuddle. It lasted all of two minutes and then we were go, go, go until nap time! I need a triple coffee to keep up with this kid!

New shoes are not made for climbing. The fact that small children should not be encouraged to climb ladders seemed to escape Ron’s mind. He said she wanted to climb it. Oh, ok then and who says she hasn’t got Daddy wrapped around her little finger!

These were cheap, but oh I just want to squeeze her little toes in her first pair of slip-slops/thongs/jandals, choose your country! So cute!

So cute and yet so crazy! How can so much fun be crammed into one tiny child?
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