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Toddler lunch bag

This is possibly the most useful item I have had since having a baby. Its a simple insulated cooler bag that I was given as a freebie on Thursday 22nd June 2006 when I was 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I had caught the train to Wimbledon to meet the other girls from my antenatal class for a coffee and on my way home I noticed a commotion outside the station. It was right in the middle of Wimbledon tennis week and a company making soy milk and yogurt products was handing out freebies to people going into the station. Its a vivid memory because they were refusing to give the school kids the free gifts because there were literally hundreds flocking around like hungry seagulls and the station staff had come out to help cordon off the area. I happened to walk past at just the right moment and a girl thrust this pink cooler bag into my hand. I didn’t really look at it until I was sitting down on the train, trying to catch my breath after waddling up and down the stairs looking like I might spontaneously burst at any moment. The bag was full of soy products which we ended up chucking away sadly but the bag sat on our counter at home and I joked to Ron at some point saying it might be useful if our baby turned out to be a girl! How right I was!

I can’t remember when exactly I started to use the bag but it was around the time that I started expressing and I would take the bag out with us if I had a bottle for Amy. I carried wipes and some calpol and a few bits and pieces in it but the bag really came into its own on our flight back to South Africa at the end of November. I had three bottles and sachets of frozen breast milk along with a bottle of a popular pain relief and sleep aid for babies. Once we started feeding Amy solid foods, we never went anywhere without the bag. Its the perfect size to contain all the snacks and meals you need for a day out or just a shopping trip.

At present the bag contains the following, this handy item has been the best buy ever. My mum bought it for Amy on her trip over in July. Its most commonly filled with whole grain cherios which are still Amy’s favourite snack ever.
The container is very clever thanks to the simple lid which means little fingers can reach in and grab snacks, but the snacks don’t fall out all over the place. Unless you pick them out one by one and leave them in your car seat for me to find later. Thanks.

Amy is also a big fan of breadsticks, as a result my Mum and Amy are best friends and can often be found sitting together snacking on breadsticks and putting the world to rights! These handy tupperware containers were never used in London but have come into their own since having a child. Its amazing how many small, strangely shaped containers you actually need!

My next best buy have to be these small round containers. I bought about 15 or so when I arrived in Oz and started making large batches of meals for the freezer. At the time they were the perfect portion size for a bolognaise sauce or a chicken casserole and they stacked really easily in the freezer. The smaller portioned foods like veg I froze in ice-cube trays and then decanted into plastic siploc bags with labels. Now I use these small containers for anything and everything. This one has left over avo and cheese for lunch.

I wasn’t a big fan of preprepared baby food for Amy. I can’t even say it was for any noble reason, its just that I had a lot of time on my hand and preferred to make my own. We did rely on jars on a few occasions like when we went to Brisbane for 10 days at Easter because I couldn’t make fresh food or transport frozen stuff easily. Amy was never very picky but definitely preferred the fresh stuff. The one thing we do buy preprepared is fruit pieces. Amy is a fruit fly and will feast on fruit of all kinds but these little packs are so handy and don’t contain any added sugars or preservatives. I also use them to make fruit jellies which are another favourite.

Another of Amy’s favourite snacks would have to be sultanas. She is also a recent convert to a strange thing called a craisen which is a dried cranberry. To my adult palette they are very bitter but she loves them. The unpleasant side effect of dried fruit? It rehydrates on its journey through, if you know what I mean? This little container was one of three that we bought in South Africa and have used over and over again. The larger one was the perfect size for a meal when Amy was smaller and now its a good size for fruit pieces. The lids fit tightly but also have a little flip lid so she can open it herself and get some out with emptying the whole thing everywhere.

Teething rusks and baby biscuits have their place at certain times. These are cheesey vegimite biscuits which Amy used to enjoy a lot. They are a good size to distract a small child whilst out shopping or during a coffee break (me, not her!). Now I carry around a few milk arrowrooot biscuits for that purpose. The key seems to be variety. Especially when you are waiting to see the Dr or to get your car fixed. If you can keep pulling a new suprise out the snack bag you are sorted for at least an hour or so!

Lastly is a water bottle, the most useful bib ever and a roll of nappy sacks which come in handy for all kinds of reasons. And that is Amy’s snack bag. A Mum’s motto “be always prepared and carry many snacks!!”
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