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Hand, foot and mouth virus – the mystery unfolds

Right, so as it turns out Amy wasn’t teething last week, in fact she had Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus.

The reason why I now know this? The coxsackie virus A16 is exhibited by mouth ulcers in adults. Aahhaa, its all falling into place now, the mysterious teething symtoms without the teeth, not eating, irritability and general malaise. Hmm. And that was just me. A friend called this morning to say her son had the virus last week, he showed the classic symptoms of a bad nappy rash which turned into blisters and when they took him to the Dr on Thursday, it was HFMV. All weekend I suffered with the terrible ulcers on my tongue and not one google search turned up this virus. Ho hum. Anyway, the good news is that Amy has been entirely herself since Friday and my mouth is finally back to normal. The bad news, Ron called this morning to say he has an ulcer. There will be no kissing of any kind in the White household until we are rid of this thing!

(just one last piece of parting advice, don’t be tempted to tuck into a bowl of wasabi peas if you have had mouth ulcers within the last FOREVER. thats all, just some simple advice, no matter how delicious they look, don’t do it)

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