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Amy is back to her deightful self

The difference in Amy this week to Amy last week is phenomenal. Right now she is down for a nap, its 9.23am, she woke up gently at 7.30 while I was pottering around the kitchen after an early morning yoga class. I asked her about ten minutes ago if she was tired and she said an emphatic “no” but then a few minutes later she came over, pointed at her dummy, said “numnah” and then climbed up onto my lap for a cuddle. I walked to her room with her nestled into my shoulder and laid her on her back in her cot with her muslin cloths which she immediately clasped onto and then she turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. I haven’t heard a sound since then. Yesterday morning the same thing happened and she slept for an hour and a half which is probably longer in total than every sleep she had last week added together!Parenting Amy when she is like this is so much easier than I ever imagined it would be. The contrast from how hard last week was to how relaxed we are this week is remarkable. A bad week really highlights what an easy child I have and it makes me eternally grateful. I did amaze myself last week with the resources I was able to draw on to get through it. Just to explain what I mean when I say it was a bad week, starting from Monday morning Amy was waking early, much earlier than usual, around 5.30am. She was waking up in a terrible mood, crying and grumpy and nothing seemed to pacify her. She didn’t want to eat and refused to drink milk. Where usually she is sweet and funny in the mornings, full of energy and happy to follow Ron around getting dressed, now she was irritable and unable to occupy herself for more than a few minutes without whining or crying.

Things went from worse to desperate when I tried to get her down for a nap until I gave up and we had to get out. The rest of the week was the same, refusal to sleep at all no matter what techniques I tried including leaving her to cry (she cried for nearly 50 minutes on Tuesday, eventually slept for 10 minutes and then was awake and unhappy again) and in the evenings I was sinking onto the couch exhausted with a large glass of wine and a complete lack of enthusiasm for doing anything other than staring at the tv and getting into bed early. Thankfully the nights weren’t too unsettled and although Amy was waking up regularily, she would either find her dummy or cry a little before going back to sleep but I was still sleeping fitfully and waking, early, tired.I ended up taking Amy to the Dr on Thursday morning, just as a precaution. Whatever was wrong with her was getting better and the Panadol was certainly helping, 15 or 20 minutes after a dose she was relaxing and seemed happier so something was clearly hurting her. She kept pulling at her right ear which worried me as its been three weeks now of swimming lessons and ear infections can appear without any other symptoms. The Dr was thorough and advised that I use some prescribed eardrops if she didn’t improve because there was some redness of her ear canal as well as slight redness in her throat but those could also be side effects of a nasty case of teething so we continued to give her 5 hourly doses of Panadol and attempted to rub bonjela on her swollen canines. (ask Ron, his finger still has the dents to prove this!) And then magically on Friday morning everything came good. Ron was up and out the house at 6.45am on his fortnightly cycle to work morning and I woke up at 7.30, turned on the radio and promptly fell asleep again only to wake in a panic with the 8.30am news! I rushed into Amy’s bedroom but she was still sleeping peacefully so I read my book for half an hour in bed until she woke at 9am, happy and smiling!Since then Amy has been a joy to be around. Funny and engaging, chatty and playful. On Sunday at a friend’s barbecue she ate most of a roll filled with sausage and tomato sauce, afterwards she fell into an ice-cream cone and was asleep the minute we put her into the car to go home. Yesterday she slept for an hour and a half and then sang to herself all the way in the car to visit some friends. She devoured a big bowl of pasta for lunch and then had ice-cream with smarties afterwards and slept all the way home in the car. In the afternoon she sat at her new Ikea table and drew in her colouring book for at least 20 minutes, afterwards she sat and read books for another 20 minutes. Last night she ate a huge plate of fishfingers and steamed squash from the garden along with courgette and then played happily in her bath before we read a story together. She fell asleep immediately and as a result I felt relaxed and happy and productive last night.
I know that it’s a no-brainer that its easier to be a better parent when your kids are behaving. I think there is a lot to parenting that works on that adage. It’s the same with sleep, most people will agree that a child that gets lots of sleep during the day will more often than not, sleep better at night. A kid that eats well to start out with will usually, with encouragement, continue to eat well, or at least eat a varied diet. I am going to stop with the generalisations now however, because each child and parenting case is different and its very personal. I have always said that I am a better parent because of the kind of child that Amy is, its my Mum who stops and reminds me that a large amount of who Amy is, is a direct result of the kind of parents and people Ron and I are. Nature vs. nurture, that age old argument! In my case I find it so much easier to be patient, to spend time preparing good, varied meals, to get creative about playtime and to get out and about when Amy is happy, well rested and NOT TEETHING!
(post above was written this morning, Amy ended up sleeping for 2 and a half hours this morning and was a joy to be around the rest of the day! She ate two lamb chops for dinner and is sleeping peacefully! The pics were my other favourites taken back in September- I am suffering without my camera!)
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