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Cockroaches and cooking

I was just sitting here wondering what I was going to write about on the blog tonight, when a giant cockroach sauntered across my peripheral vision. Of course I screamed like a frightened child and Ron came running, already armed with wads of kitchen towel.

Even he blanched a little when he saw the size of this one but thankfully he is all man and he soon disposed of it and I am free to spout creatively once again.

Of course now I am devoid of inspiration and all I can think about is how many other giant cockroaches are infesting my home, crawling around, lurking and waiting to leap out at me and scare me half to death. I have managed to beat one with my shoe, but I think it might have already been dead and it was tiny. I really have to overcome my intense disliking for these insects so that I can protect myself (and of course Amy) if such an occasion arose when Ron wasn’t here. I can’t get away from the association of cockroaches/dirty even though these are not actually drawn to food, they are just very common in this part of the world and tend to come inside during the long, hot months.
In a totally inappropriate juxtaposition, who wants to see what we had for dinner tonight?
Home grown squash (patti pans) steamed with cous-cous and a rocket salad fresh from the garden accompanying fish cakes. Delicious. In other cooking news, things I have made in the last few days despite having the sorest mouth I think I have ever had, zucchini pickle, chocolate brownies and a marmalade cake. My tongue is hurting just thinking about those pickles. So tasty though. Right, to bed. Good night.
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