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Swimming and a mouth mystery

I have horrible ulcers on my tongue at the moment, not sure why. I just started taking vitamins because I have been feeling tired and run down and then POW just when the vitamins should kick in, I get a mouthful of ulcers. So I am sthpeekin ike thith and very uncomfortable.

In other news I went to swimming class with Ron and Amy today which was fun. Amy is much happier in the water than when I was taking her for lessons back in February, she goes underwater, joins in the games and seems to enjoy herself.
She squeals with excitement and the best thing for me was every now and again she would catch sight of me and scream “Mama, Mama!” and wave madly! I felt rather proud sitting on the side watching her, although I have to apologise for the poor quality photos, I was using my phone.

After a while she did get a bit tired and grumpy and then right at the end she got out of the pool and objected to me putting her towel on and she threw herself backwards and cracked her head on the floor. She fussed a little but was easily distracted and it was only much later on tonight in the bath that Ron noticed she has a big egg on the back of her head. Poor, silly girl!

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