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The Super Whites

Look what we growed! Fresh produce plucked from the ample bosom of our bountiful earth!

Here is Ron’s birthday Avocado tree given to us by his sister, Gaye. Its grafted from a mature tree so should fruit in two to three years. Ron has dug it in, banked it up, watered it and said a little prayer to the stone fruit gods!

Look, Ron is dwarfed by mammoth tomato plants! Have you ever seen such a thing, from this big (makes small movements with hands!) to THIS BIG! They are so big that Ron had to buy the BIGGEST stakes from the hardware shop and we had to restake them.

The best thing about the tomato plants, these little, tiny, eeny, weeny tomatos that are just starting to grow. I envision many fresh pasta sauces and lots of delicious chutneys!
(PS I worked today and am about to collapse into bed, exhausted. Having a job is HARD WORK)
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