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Broken camera, fixed child

Amy and I dropped my camera at the Canon hospital today. Its going to cost a bit more than I planned to get it fixed (around $280) but they will give it a full service and let me know if there are any more repairs or if the cost goes up. It should take a week to 10 days to repair but I am not holding my breath. I miss it already. Funny how many times today I reached for my camera to take a photo and then had to use my point-and-shoot instead. Luckily our little Casio EX is a great camera so I won’t be imageless until my 300D is fixed, but it means I can’t schedule any photoshoots until I have it back and I am really on a roll at the moment in terms of my confidence! Oh well, I have been very philosophical about things this week and I guess I just have to be patient. I have lots of photography homework I would like to do, getting ideas for some shots and thinking about family portraits etc.

Amy is my little angel again, as seen here with her halo this afternoon. She woke up all hot and sweaty from a nap and as her hair dried it curled up so beautifully that I had to get some photos in the gorgeous afternoon sun. Yes, she is sleeping again, yes she is eating again and more importantly, the whining and crying has stopped. Today we danced in the kitchen, giggled in the supermarket, drew pictures and then played with baby Samuel when Margaret bought him round to visit. Its such a pleasure spending time with my child when she is happy!

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