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I am not sure how many of you have noticed that I have posted every day this month so far. I am taking part in a thing called NaBloPoMo which basically is an internet group that you join by committing to update your personal blog once a day for the month of November. So far so good, but this week has really kicked me in the butt so I am resorting to sticking up old photos and writing captions. Apologies all round!

First up, Amy’s book shelf in the lounge. We inherited another box of books from my old school friend Caro recently and I arranged them beautifully on the shelf and immediately took a photo because I knew this was the first and last time they would look so neat and tidy! I guess thats a good thing because it means Amy likes to read a lot.

Secondly we have Amy on the rocking horse that Caro loaned us as her little girl Tallulah is too big for it. Amy adores this and will happily spend ages climbing on it, rocking on it and even sharing it with her friends! This is Amy and Lucy a few weeks ago, notice the star jasmine on the deck that went crazy with flowers and smells divine!
And lastly a photo of Amy and some of her younger friends. Seeing a photo like this reminds me once again how much my sweet baby has grown! Amy is very good with the “babas” and plays gently, she likes to touch and its hard teaching her not to touch the face but she is unusually patient and sweet with children littler than herself.

And lastly a quick update, Amy is still not back to her sweet natured self but she is a bit better today. She managed two 20 minute sleeps and has been down without a squeak tonight which is welcome relief. I still had a large glass of wine and watched East Enders but this time I did it while cutting out material for some new cushions for the sofa, pics to follow tomorrow!
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