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Unhappy Amy – Part II

You know what this means right? Another bad day in the White house. Hmmm. Amy is drooling, dribbling, clutching at her mouth, off her food and crying ALL THE TIME. I guess its another episode of teething. Its strange though because I really wasn’t expecting this much drama for the next teeth, I should have known last time was too easy!

Amy has 14 teeth (I thought it was 16 but just had a mental count) she has 2 central incisors on the bottom and 2 on the top, she has both sets of laterals and a full set of first molars which makes 12 teeth. The canines on the bottom are coming through at the moment but these have been coming for a while which is why I was not expecting teething dramas all of a sudden. Its the canines on the top which are the interesting ones, my Dad has congenital missing canines so we think there is a possibility that Amy might be missing hers but Mum isn’t sure whether she will miss both milk and adult versions, or just adult and when we went to the Dentist a few weeks ago she had a look and a feel and as best as she could advise, the top canines were in the process of coming through.

All that aside my child is miserable. Nothing makes her happy, I can’t get a smile or a cuddle she is just a dribbling, whiney mess and I am struggling. I gave her a dose of panadol but she has still woken up nearly every 15 minutes since going down 2 hours ago to bed. I can’t comfort her when she cries because nothing helps which means a sad and grumpy Amy and a tired and sad and grumpy me.

A little video taste of our day. I am not sure what we will do tomorrow, probably try a morning sleep with some panadol and then go from there. I realise I am usually very cheerful and upbeat on the blog, but sometimes the reality is very different. I hate seeing Amy like this and wish I could make it better so I will be keeping her topped up with regular doses of panadol and letting her eat whatever she feels like for the next few days!

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