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Unhappy Amy

Amy was not herself today, by ‘herself’ I mean sweet, funny, relaxed, fun, enjoyable. Instead she was tired, grumpy, irritable, short tempered, whiney and annoying. Yes, she is annoying, she is my child and sometimes I am allowed to admit that she is annoying. And whiney, did I mention the whining? So today was a trial. I was tired from working last night and not getting to sleep till late. The day started out ok with some breakfast and then some playing. Amy wedged herself into her (toy) pram and then couldn’t get out without WHINING…….

Eventually after two failed nap attempts (Amy), a severe sense of humour failure (me) and a desperate call to Ron (who else can I call to tell that my daughter is annoying me? huh?) we went to the park. The sun has finally come out after nearly two weeks of rain and it was a glorious day which neither Amy nor I were in the mood to enjoy. Amy ate her sandwich begrudingly before being allowed to play.

She then went up the stairs and down the slide about a hundred times in quick succession all on her own which was nice because after she got the hang of it I could sit down and take a well earned break. (close enough to catch her should she fall)

She has it all worked out and loves the slide! (They call it a slippery dip here in New South Wales. Random.)

At home after yet another failed nap attempt and a complete meltdown (Amy and I) we went shopping. We tried out a shopping centre nearby that I hadn’t been to before and they have a small but nice play area for the kids and a lovely big coffee shop. Amy and I shared a smartie cookie.And we shared a coffee. Yeah right, would I give this kid coffee when she hasn’t actually slept at all today? I let her lick the container and play with a spoon, anything to stop the whining.Finally after what feels like the longest day EVER, the child fell asleep cuddling her bear. How could I be annoyed with her, she is tired and grumpy and probably has sore teeth or some such toddler ailment.

There is only one thing for it. A large glass of wine and Eastenders. Ugh, here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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