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A day out on the harbour

A few weeks ago we spent a day on the harbour with our good friends, the Reids. I posted the photos where we went under the Harbour Bridge, but didn’t get around to putting up the rest of the pics from the day. Its worth going back in time and recapping because it was a brilliant day out! We met at the boat ramp at 9am (well ok, we were a little late, how was I supposed to know that the credit card parking ticket machine would be out of order necessitating a 10 minute drive to the nearest shop for change!) We were underway soon after and ate our breakfast padkos (Afrikaans for ‘road food’ or food that you eat while on a journey) while we stopped to watch the Spit Bridge opening for the yachts.

Amy loved the bacon and egg rolls that I made to Mum’s famous recipe the night before.

The day had started out cool and very overcast but the forecast had been for clear skies and sunshine. By the time we had come round past the heads and back into the harbour itself, the cloud was beginning to blow way and the sun started to shine on the magnificent view that is the famous Sydney coathanger bridge.

It was a real treat to get such a different perspective on the Opera house, its a remarkable piece of architecture and every time I see it I think to myself that I really should learn a bit more about it, starting with actually walking up the famous stairs. Still haven’t got round to it, humph.

Amy was still enjoying her padkos when we approached the bridge. There are very strict maritime rules for driving under the bridge and there is absolutely no stopping under or near it, we just drove very slowly underneath and then promptly turned around and motored back again.

Its a spectacular thing to behold especially from underneath. Liv, are you out there, I really need you to come and visit so we can walk over the top together!

Amy did enjoy it when the boat went fast, promise. I think she was more upset because we took away the very soggy remains of her breakfast at this point.

It does get a little windy out on the harbour when you get up some speed so we had a quiet cuddle to get out of the breeze.

We anchored at Balmoral Beach and had a picnic under the trees. The skies cleared, the sun was hot and the boys and Amy played in the water and had a great time. On our way back the harbour was FULL of all kinds of ship under sail, there must have been literally hundreds of little sailing comps going on, the conditions were perfect.

The journey back was very lazy, everyone (except the driver) took the opportunity to put their feet up. The river was very calm and there were a few boats out with skiiers on the back.

A long day out in the sunshine and fresh air means lots of sleepy children. Amy napped in Ron’s arms all the way back to the boat ramp upon which he realised his arm was dead.

Zach fell asleep sitting up at the back of the boat he was so tired! It was another fantastic day out with the Reids, we are so lucky that they chose to live in Sydney and become boat owners!

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