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Hen do’s and Stag Don’ts

This post is especially for Carol – who is getting married on the 26th January 2008.

Hen Do’s and Stag Don’ts

Do wear a veil if your friends insist, its silly, frivilous and doesn’t have to be a statement about anything.
Do get as many wonderful women in a room together as you can, cook lots of delicious food and open lots of bottles of wine, spend time in conversation about everything and nothing, enjoy each others company, immensely!
Do get a bit silly and try on each others engagement rings, because you can!
Do make lots of toasts, to love, life ever after, happiness and dear friends.
Do get really silly, find the first aid kit (all responsible bridesmaids should carry one!) and practice bandaging each other up in case of emergency!
Do end the night as responsible adults and test your blood alcohol level, not that you were going anywhere, but just so you know.

Don’t start drinking before you have even taken off enroute to your stag weekend destination.
Don’t get stuck into the beers before you have had time to eat any dinner.
Don’t get silly and start drinking beer giraffes (especially attempting to down them!)
Don’t switch from beers to shots and silly drinks when you still havent’ had any dinner or sensible conversation with your friends.

Whatever you do, DON’T get up and dance round that pole, its there to hold up the ceiling, not dance round.Don’t accept an offer from your friends to carry you home, this is likely to end very badly.

Don’t take a painkiller and tell everyone you’ll be alright in the morning, you just need to ice it.

Don’t accept a cuddle from a friend in an attempt to make you feel better.
Don’t try and convince your fiance that “its worse than it looks” and then refuse to go to the emergency room until you have had time to sleep off the hangover.
Don’t pretend that you had it all planned out and thats why you made sure the stag weekend was at least six weeks before the wedding, just in case there were any broken bones and you needed to have your leg in a plaster cast!
Whatever you end up doing, just make sure you marry the man of your dreams and live happily ever after!
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