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Tantrums – Amy 16 months

The pics accompanying this post are old. I have been sorting through the archives again trying to keep my hundreds and thousands of photos in some kind of order, its an ongoing job!Amy had a proper public tantrum today. Deb and Scott and the kids are down from Brisbane staying with Deb’s folks for a week. We are going out for dinner with them tomorrow night, just the grown-ups, to Satasia which is a heavenly Asian fusion restaurant in Balmain. They also wanted to catch up with all the children so we went round today for what was supposed to be a picnic and a swim but thanks to the ever present rain, we played indoors instead!
Amy is still very inconsistent with her day time naps. Our usual routine works quite well, she sleeps in till 7 or 7.30, we all get up and have breakfast and then Amy and I drop Ron at work for 9am. We come home, do some housework and get ready to go to the gym. Amy goes to the creche and I work out for an hour between 10.30 and 11.30, we are home for lunch at 12 and then Amy goes down for a sleep at around 12.30 or 1pm and she sleeps for two hours. She gets up at 3pm, we have tea and a play and then we go and fetch Ron from work at around 4.30. Back at home Amy plays with Ron in the garden while I tidy the kitchen and get her dinner ready, she eats at 5.30 then has a bath at 6.30 and then we have a story and a cuddle and she is in bed by 7pm.

(my god my life is so boring!)

The routine is fine for days like this (note that I actually haven’t done any real housework, or spent any time emailing my friends, or updating my blog, or reading a book, or sleeping. And certainly no time for shopping or preparing elaborate dinners!) but when we deviate from the routine, things aren’t going so well, its not a disaster and I am not cancelling things or avoiding going out, its just that for the first time Amy is inconsistent, one day she is sweet as light, the next she is completely feral and its wearing me out. Meeting people at lunchtime doesn’t really work out now because of the lunch time sleep and I know Amy is happier on the single long nap because when it does work, its brilliant, for us both. If Amy doesn’t sleep in the morning and and we go out at lunchtime its not long before she is ready to collapse and so she’ll have 20 minutes in the car but won’t transition to her cot and so that 20 minute nap is all the sleep she gets and by 4pm we are both pulling our hair out. (or each others hair out!)Today was one of those days. After a late start and no morning sleep we ended up getting to Deb’s at 11.30. Amy was very sleepy in the car on the way there, asking for her “numnah” but didn’t nap and she was fine for an hour or so. We had some lunch, hung out and caught up with Deb and Margaret and the kids played together, no worries. Then Amy started to get irritable. She was playing with a container full of little stuffed animals and kept emptying them out so I picked them all up and quietly took the container off her. She went ballistic, completly nuts, threw herself to the floor, cried, went rigid when I tried to pick her up and have a calming chat. I was laughing at first because it was quite funny, she was being such a drama queen, and then it escalated, she stopped crying and started screaming, full throated yells and I couldn’t calm her at all. Eventually I took her outside and walked up and down with her until the sobs stopped and the fat tears dried up and she took her dummy and had a cuddle. I have made reference to tantrums before, and joked about my little drama queen, but todays episode escalated this all to a new level. One I am not sure I want to visit again any time soon. I wasn’t embarrassed and I certainly didn’t feel the need to apologise, we were with friends and it was obvious that Amy was exhausted and so had left her coping mechanisms at the door. We left soon after, she was asleep before I even started the car and I was able to transition her to her cot where she didn’t exactly sleep, but she did talk quietly to herself for another half an hour so we could make it through the rest of the day. I had a little glimpse of the future this afternoon, and I can tell you one thing, its not rosy!

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