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Sleeping upside down

I love sleeping baby photos. I am amazed that Amy doesn’t wake up when I sneak in and take pics at night, even with the flash. I could stand and watch her sleep for hours, there is something so desperately vulnerable and tender about a sleeping child.

I have mentioned before how Amy is an energetic sleeper. This kid sleeps long and hard but you will never find her in the same spot you left her in! The other night I snuck in to gaze upon her loveliness and found her sleeping like this, kneeling, not just on her knees, but actualy kneeling up, with her hands tucked underneath her.
Even I can’t understand how this can be comfortable and I like to sleep on my tummy! Her face was pushed up against the sheet with her precious cheeks all squodged up so I had to call Ron and take a photo. She didn’t stir!
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