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Extreme weather
It has rained off and on for the last week. Not gentle, soothing rain either, instead its been torrential and thunderous rain. Lots of it. This is wonderful, water is such a precious commodity here in Australia and I never really understood that. Its something that is so easy to take for granted, turning on a tap and leaving it to run. Bathing, showering, washing up. Now that we have a garden to take care of I feel a great sense of responsibility. I find myself adding up my water usage in my mind. Like this morning when I emptied Amy’s bath water from last night instead of bucketing it onto our veg patch. I figured we have had so much rain in the last few days that an extra few buckets down the drain wouldn’t matter too much. I do wish we had spent the money on a rain water tank while we had it. Maybe I add rainwater tank to my ever growing list of things I would like to spend my new earnings on! I will need to work many more sundays to earn enough!
These photos were taken a week ago when a massive storm hit Sydney. It was all over the tv and radio and everyone was prepared for the worst. Instead it just rained a massive amount in a short space of time and although the thunder and lightning was something to behold, no real damage was done. I parked the car under the relative safety of the tree and Amy and I opened all the blinds so we could watch nature wreak her power on our garden.
It was incredible, the volume of water that came out of the sky was almost frightening in its quantity! I felt sure that our little house would spring a leak and the noise of the rain on the corrugated roof of our deck was seriously loud! Amy was fascinated and kept moving from the couch and window to the doors to point at what was going on outside. I jumped a few times when the thunder was especially loud but Amy wasn’t bothered by it at all! Just like when we were in Johannesburg in December and the thunder was so loud that Ron and I lay awake, frightened whilst Amy slept without a murmur in her portacot under the window!
All the rain has had a dramatic effect on our garden, the veg patch is out of control, who would have thought we would need taller stakes for the tomatoes, the plants are going crazy! As for the squash, they have taken over the bed! The roses next to the driveway are absolutely gorgeous and I am only sad that they take such a beating from the heavy rain that there is always a scattering of blood red petals after a storm blows through. I still haven’t cut any for inside, maybe I will go out tomorrow morning and do just that. They are beautiful roses and smell so heavenly. I still feel very proud.
Ron has done lots of work out the front in between rain storms and it looks much tidier with neat edges and well weeded mulch. We still have to finish the beds on either side of the path and the hanging baskets and then the front garden will look fantastic.

Even the Frangipani has taken leaf and has turned from dead looking branches into new green. I can’t wait for this to grow and flower.Everything is so green and vibrant and I love the smells out here, fresh rain, hot tarmac, grass and the thick, heady scent of roses. I leave the window open in our bedroom when it rains and sit here at my desk and write. Its a lovely spot, if I could just get round to hanging my pictures properly!

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