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The Super Whites

Ron did a big clean out yesterday of his old room at his parents house whilst I was working. He came home with several big boxes and spent the afternoon and evening in the rumpus room down the back sorting through piles of stuff and unpacking what he could. He put together the matching Ikea bookcase we bought when my parents were here and we pushed it around the living room a few times and decided it looks great in the corner so I finally got some more books out of boxes and onto the shelves! We really need some shelving in the rumpus room so we can get the rest of our stuff (mainly Ron’s sporting trophies, glass collection and assortment of sporting books!) into some kind of order!

While rearranging the back room Ron brought the old car seat upstairs for some reason and this morning Amy decided to climb into it. Yesterday afternoon she was clambering in and out of her old pram which made for some funny photos.

But for me the really intriguing pics are the one of her in her old car seat. Sometimes I need a comparison photo to really appreciate how much my little baby has grown!

From this:

Into this:

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