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Working outside the home

Today was an important milestone in my life, I went back to work! A few weeks ago I popped into Gaye’s for a catch up and she mentioned that she was going to start doing brunch on the weekends at the tapas restaurant where she chefs. I immediately let her know that I would love to do a shift or two for cash and last week she called to let me know that she needed me to work today. An elaborate plan was made involving Ron, Margaret, John and Amy involing church, swimming lessons and late lunches and we set the alarm for 6.30am.

My main duties were to make coffees, take orders and manage the till. I had a couple of very strange anxiety ridden dreams this week where I was being marked on my coffees or kept handing people $50 notes instead of $5’s!! I was clearly more nervous than I realised. Luckily it was relatively quiet because it was the first weekend the tapas opened for brunch and we hadn’t advertised and in no time I was whipping up cappachinos and lattes like a true barista.
It was hard work, no doubt about that, I was on my feet from 7am till 2pm when Ron and Amy came to collect me. We had packed down the kitchen by then and Gaye made us the Columbian breakfast special pictured above, Huevos Flamencos, baked eggs with tomatoes, veg and chorizo. We sat outside in the sun and drank a celebratory glass of sangria and I kept feeling my pocket where a nice wodge of cash was carefully stashed.
Its a very strange feeling to work after so long. Its been more than 18 months now since I went on maternity leave, a lot has happened including giving birth to Amy, packing up our lives and leaving the UK, a fabulous extended holiday in South Africa and then moving to a new country and buying a house. Somehow the satisfaction I derived from a few hours work can’t be compared to any of these big milestones! I loved it and although my feet ache and I am still on a coffee high from testing and tasting my brews, I feel very quietly pleased with myself. I have discovered that as hard as it may be, taking time away from my daughter to pursue my own interests is beneficial to us all on many levels.
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