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Boarding school memories

When I was at boarding school we used to have a weekly ritual that revolved around girly products, lotions and potions. I was remembering this a few weeks ago when I browsed the waxing section of my local pharmacy in an attempt to save myself some money by waxing my own legs. I remember big blocks of yellowy wax that we would order from the pharmacy in town. We wrote our orders in a large book which I seem to remember was kept in the Sister’s room down at the San which was the small medical centre on the school grounds, presided over by various San Sister’s or nurses. The deliveries would appear in white paper bags with your name taped on and we would then unwrap the wax and melt it into hot chocolate tins on the hot plate in the common kitchen in our boarding house. We would wax our legs in large groups, prehaps safety in numbers? Either way the kitchen would smell of hot wax and the shouts and yells would echo around the hallways as we ripped strips of goey wax off our legs.

I got so proficient at waxing my own legs that I even waxed my own bikini line, saving the used wax strips and melting them down in old stockings so the clean wax could be poured, molten back into my used hot chocolate tin. It sounds like I went to school in the 1950’s! Just writing about this is bringing back so many boarding school memories. My old yellow tuckbox that Mum would fill at the beginning of term; standing in a queue to fill my hot-water bottle from the much used kettle in the freezing winters; “mummifiying” our beds for warmth by tucking the duvet in all round the sides and bottom and then sliding in at the top and lying trapped and unable to move but warm at least; coming back from afternoon classes to cakes in the house-mistresses office; the sound of the bell ringing in the corridor and a prefect shouting “RISING” at the top of their voices at 6am.

This might be better explored in another post on another day! In the meantime, back to that particular ritual. I recall that I used to call it a “creaming session” which sounds slightly disturbing now but at the time this meant laying a towel on the floor in our shared dormitory and then laying out my supplies. The process involved a full body treatment, starting with toes and ending with eyebrows. At the end of it we would be fully lotioned, scrubbed, buffed and polished and usually smelling very fragrant. It was an afternoon activity, perhaps before a special occasion, maybe a school dance, or a visit from a boy. It was indulgent and luxurious and its something I continue to do to this day! Which is why I was so excited with the hamper I won two weeks ago at at party I was invited to.

The party was just girls and it was to raise money for Breast Cancer and the hostess went to great lengths to secure fantastic prizes for the raffle and silent auction. I bought $10 worth of raffle tickets and ended up winning the Johnson&Johnson hamper which contains the full range of Holiday Skin body and face lotion with self-tanners, the 24hr moisture bodywash and lotion and loads of facial cleansing wipes and cotton wool buds and all sorts. It even included some products from their new dermatalogicaly tested range which has been great on my sore hands and arms (stupid seasonal eczma!)

This hamper is such a treat because since becoming homeowners, a few things have gone by the wayside, namely luxuries and treats and girly lotions and potions definitely fall into this category. Now I have enough treats to last for months and once again I have soft elbows and sweet smelling (slightly orange!) skin!

And just for the record, they don’t make wax like they used to. In the interests of full disclosure I should advise anyone with a small child to suck it up and pay someone else to wax you, else you might end up with two half-waxed legs and very little patience!

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