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The Super Whites
Home is where I am completely happy

Sometimes I am filled with such indescribable joy, like this evening, looking out into our garden where the setting sun is touching the tops of the jacaranda trees which have suddenly burst into flower since the heavy rain over the last few days.

I love being able to stand on our deck and look out and up and away. The view is immense considering what we have lived with previously in small London flats. I can see the houses at the top of the valley on the left, perched on the edge of the small escarpment. The view from up there back down across Sydney is amazing.
If I look to my right I can see the other side of the valley where the cars move incessantly but out of hearing distance. This view is framed by the large tree two gardens down that is a vast green structure now and a favourite of the white cockatoos that flock to it at sunset.
If I look down the bottom of our garden I can see the roof of our neighbours house and more often than not I can hear the familiar sound of their children out throwing a ball into the hoop at the back of the house.

Beyond that is more distance and in the far off I can see the top of the hill. We are enclosed by hilltops and yet can still see a long way and this fills me with peace. I can happily sit for ages enjoying the view, listening to the many bird songs and the sound of the cooling breeze in the trees.

I feel so privileged to be here, in this house which we love so much already. Its such a wonderful feeling to love our home and to feel so invested in it. We have worked really hard on the garden and its coming to fruition and although we still have lots to do inside, its mostly cosmetic and we feel wonderfully comfortable and satisfied with our house.
I took these photos yesterday after the huge storm (pics to follow) had passed and the sun came out. Amy was drawn to the large patch of sunlight on the kitchen floor and spent ages playing happily in the gorgeous light. Taking photos of my daughter is one of my very favourite things to do, luckily she seems to enjoy the camera as much as I do!
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