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This post is especially for my sister, Liv. We had a chat on skype yesterday and she said she loved seeing the video of Amy waking up because she hasn’t actually seen her hair in ages, in all my recent pics of Amy she is being a good Australian and wearing a hat. Luckily we had taken some hair photos recently and this is just the occasion to bring out the mullet shots!

Amy is working her mullet as evidenced in the above photo. You can also see her Dad’s double crown that she inherited, add that to the cowslick she has right in the middle of her forehead and your guess is as good as mine as to what hairstyles will suit her when she grows up.
Of course we all love the crazy-sticking-up-all-over look which is the cause of much post-bath hilarity! I have given up on the pigtails and just leave Amy to rock her mullet. The last few days the long bits have actually looked rather curly and just today someone commented on how sweet her hairstyle was. Yup, someone thinks my kid has a hairstyle, how ironic considering I have had my hair cut just twice in the nearly 4 years since I got married!
I think its clear in this picture who’s eyes Amy has? Don’t you? (and possibly the hairstyle too!)
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