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The Super Whites
Amy waking from a nap

Amy wakes up very happy, or completely foul and you can never be too sure which it will be. Lately she has been sleeping really well and waking up in such a happy mood. Ron and I will go in to get her up and she laughs, runs around her cot, kisses and cuddles her teddys and waves to the birdies outside her window. I can’t wake up grumpy when I have such an exuberant child to play with in the mornings.

In other sleep news we are now onto day 6 of our nap transition. Amy has been sleeping consistently well in the afternoons and goes down between 12 and 12.30 and sleeps for around two hours. I am finding it harder than she is to adapt, I got quite used to my morning routine. She is much happier in the afternoons now and really not too difficult in the morning despite not having that sleep. Its just another milestone that I wasn’t ready for but Amy has taken in her stride!

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